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Frangione Garrett LLP is a full-service barristers firm based in Thunder Bay, serving Northwestern Ontario, and specializing in child protection, family, and criminal defence law.
If agencies are threatening to remove your child from your home, you've experienced a breakdown in your marriage, or you've been charged with an offence, we are here to fight for you.






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Our Values

We are client-oriented. At our core is a commitment to service excellence for our clients. This is at the forefront of our minds as we are working with you. It defines us and it informs how we will treat you.

Integrity, honesty and respect are the basic principles which Frangione Garrett LLP was founded upon. Your trust is of the utmost importance in our business and these principles are crucial to earning it.


We believe in teamwork. We leverage our team because by combining our expertise together, we are stronger.

Exhibiting the highest ethical standards is important to us. Our character defines who we are and these ethical standards guide us along our path.

We operate our business on the basis that our word is our promise to our clients and as such, we honour our commitments.

Every great business relationship is founded on communication. Throughout the process, we ensure that we communicate effectively with you so that everyone is on the same page. We discuss anticipated costs with you, estimated time-frames, the possibility of success and what you can expect from us throughout the process.

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